1. A religious teacher punishes his student. The absence of a proper educational system in the country’s schools leads few children to enroll or quit school after a short period to work instead.

Afghan boys playing with kites among ruins in the center of Kabul.

A salesman in the women's section of the Kandahar bazaar shows customers his wares. Despite daily incidents by a growing Taliban population in Kandahar people continue their ordinary lives in the streets of the city.

Farhad Darya, an Afghan singer, performs in a concert in Heart.

A military, morning prayer exercise at the police academy in Kabul.

A group of Afghan National Army soldiers in northern Afghanistan during operations against the Islamist opposition.

Afghan boys play in wreckage in the center of Kabul.

An Afghan girl practices Vosho in a gym in Heart.

Members of the Afghan National Police training at their base in the center of Kabul.

Soldiers waiting in a queue for their daily ration of food.

Afghans refugees live at a refugee camp in central Kabul.

Afghans gather during the celebration of Nowruz, near the Kart-e Sakhi mosque in Kabul.

A fighter dog standing on a hill facing Kabul city.