Above: Patrick Brown, recipient of the 2019 FotoEvidence Book Award presents his book No Place on Earth in a conversation with Mikael Owunna and Mario Cruz at the World Press Photo Festival in Amsterdam. Ten Years FotoEvidence exhibit at Aveiro Photo Fest, Portugal.

FotoEvidence Press was founded in 2010 by Svetlana Bachevanova and David Stuart to continue the tradition of using photography to draw attention to human rights violations, injustice, oppression and assaults on human dignity wherever they may occur. Photographs have not only changed people’s perception but, in some cases, altered the course of history.

For ten years, the FotoEvidence Book Award recognized one photographer whose work demonstrates courage and commitment in the pursuit of social justice and, in 2017-2021, FotoEvidence partnered with World Press Photo.  The book award was renamed the FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. The selected project is published by FotoEvidence as part of a series of photo books dedicated to the work of photographers, whose commitment and courage deliver  truths, creating awareness and intolerance towards violations of human dignity.

In 2018 FotoEvidence launched The W Award, devoted to engaged women photographers who want to tell their stories in the form of a photo book.  At this moment, women around the world are seeking equal rights and equal opportunity.  The FotoEvidence W Award for Personal Story will suppot this movement. It will be granted by an international jury to one woman  whose work merits a book. The hardbound book is be published by FotoEvidence. Two other photographers will receive honorable mentions.

Past recipients of the FotoEvidence Book Award include: Javier Arceniilas for “Sicarios: Latin American Assassins”, Alex Masi for “Bhopal: Second Disaster,” Robin Hammond for “Condemned: Mental Health in African Countries in Crisis”, Majid Saeedi for “Life in War", Marcus Bleasdale for "The Unravelling" ,Daniella Zalcman for "Signs of Your Identity", Josue Rivas for "Standing Strong", Patrick Brown with "No Place on Earth" and Antonio Faccilongo with "Habibi"

Past finalists for the  book award include: Massimo Berruti, Valerio Bispuri, Paula Bronstein, Fabio Bucciarelli, William Daniels, Maxim Dondyuk, Michelle Frankfurter, Tanya Habjouqa , Jon Lowenstein, Fernando Moreles, Boniface Mwangi, Joao Pina, Andrea Star Reese, Vlad Sokhin, Lizzie Sadin, Lisa Wiltse, Mario Cruz, Hossein Fatemi, Ingetje Tadros, Narciso Contreras, Jan Grarup, Amnon Gutman, Alessio Romenzi ,Fabian Muir, Danielle Villasana, Zackary Canepari Fausto Podavini, Mikael Owunna, Alejandro Cegarra and Daniel Berhulak.

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