The archeological marks of what used to be "La escuelita" a former clandestine detention and torture center used by the army to interrogate and kill left-wing militants during the military dictatorship 1975-1983, in Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

An airplane used by the Argentinean military for “Death Flights” to drop left-wing militants alive into the La Plata river and Atlantic ocean during the military dictatorship is now used as an advertising object for a construction materials store on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

03- Tati Almeida, a member of the Mothers of the May Square movement in Argentina. Ms Almeida had her son Alexander Almeida arrested and disappeared by the Argentinean military in the early 70's. Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2006.

Celsa Ramirez, a former Paraguayan political prisoner and a member of the Paraguayan Communist Party, playing the harp near her house in Ita, Paraguay.  Ms. Ramirez played the harp since she was a child, but during her years living underground as a member of the communist party she couldn't play for safety reasons. Only recently did Ms. Ramirez come out of the traumatic experience during the underground years and the years she spent in jail, and started to play again. Ita, Paraguay, November 2012.

A view of what used to be the cells of the Emboscada concentration camp in Paraguay. This camp was built for detention of political prisoners in Paraguay during Alfredo Stroessner's military dictatorship. Today the place is a high-security prison and the former cells are used for workshops and as a school for the inmates. Emboscada, Paraguay, November 2012.

A detail of a bathroom in Londres 38,  a former clandestine detention and torture center during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in downtown Santiago de Chile.

Anahit Aharonian, looking from the window of her former cell in the Punta de Rieles prison in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Ms Aharonian is a descendant of survivors of the Armenian genocide and was born in Uruguay. She became involved with politics in her teenage years and embraced the Tupamaro movement. She was arrested by the military during the early days of the Uruguayan dictatorship and spent 12 years in jail during Operation Condor.


One of the storage rooms of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) filled with boxes of recovered remains of disappeared people. These remains are in storage to be identified and are returned to the families of the disappeared only when there is very strong evidence of identification. Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 2012.

Mirta Clara, a former Argentine political prisoner. Ms Clara was arrested with her husband in November 1975 for being part of the Montoneros political group. While in custody she was tortured while pregnant with her second son, who today suffers from mental problems.  Her husband was executed in what is known as the Margarita Belen massacre and she spent eight years in jail, being released only after the first democratic elections in 1983.  Today she lives and works as a human rights advocate and psychologist in Buenos Aires.  Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 2012.

Former military men, hide their faces from the photographer during  their trial for crimes against humanity during the dictatorship from 1976-1983. 


The remains of two bodies of the disappeared lay in the lab of the EAAF (Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team) in Buenos Aires to be studied and to try to make an identification. Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 2012.


Colonel Hugo Delme (white shirt) being transported from jail to the court house in Bahia Blanca by prision guards. Mr. Delme is a retired army colonel accused of being involved in crimes against humanity by torturing and disappearing left-wing militants during the last Argentine dictatorship 1976-1983.


The funeral of Horacio Bau a left-wing Montonero militant from Trelew in the Argentine Patagonia who disappeared in La Plata, Argentina in November, 1977. His remains were found buried in a cemetery in the city of La Plata as a "no name" in early 2007 and the burial ceremony took place in Trelew in November 2007.


The torture room of "Olimpo" a former clandestine detention and torture center used by the federal police and military to interrogate and kill left-wing militants in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the military dictatorship 1975-1983.