Seliman holds the Khodary plant in his family garden in Gharba Valley, St. Catherine, South Sinai, Egypt. October 2020. Photo: Rehab Eldalil 


Embroidered photograph of Hajja Oum Mohamed (53) in her garden in Gharba Valley. Embroidery by her. Photo: Rehab Eldalil from the book The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken

Yasmine (32) picks wild herbs as she walks through the valley near her home at Sheikh Awad village. February 2021. Yasmine was six months pregnant, walking the village herd around the mountains of Gharba, when we first met nearly seven years ago. Photo: Rehab Eldalil

Father and son walk over the hill to watch the last moments of sunset. The role of the father within the family dynamic in the Bedouin community does not only comprise of providing food for the family. Fathers care for their children when the mothers are off walking the village herd. As the mother walks for hours into the mountains, fathers are staying at home or working from home to care for the children. Gharba Valley, St. Catherine, South Sinai, Egypt.  December 2018. Photo: Rehab Eldalil