The W Award Years


  • September Bottoms
  • Zohreh Sabaghnejad

Rehab Eldalil is the winner of the 2022 FotoEvidence W Award with her project The Longing of the Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken.

The FotoEvidence W Award

The  2024 FotoEvidence W award has been cancelled. The 2024 FotoEvidence Book Award will again be dedicated to coverage of the war in Ukraine. Following Ukraine: A War Crime, the second volume will focus on the impact of the war on children, women and families.

The book award is open to all photographers with work documenting the lives of families impacted by the indiscriminate violence and social upheaval caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The book will be a collaborative project continuing FotoEvidence’s commitment to documenting the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The W Award for women photographers will resume in 2025.

The FotoEvidence Women Award is devoted to engaged women photographers who want to tell their personal stories in the form of a photo book. Through their lenses women can shape the world differently and we want to give them this chance. During the past ten years, FotoEvidence has published 38 books to draw attention to human rights violations, oppression and assaults on human dignity wherever they may occur. At this moment, women around the world are seeking equal rights and equal opportunity. FotoEvidence Women will support this global movement.

The FotoEvidence W Award for Personal Story will be granted by an international jury to one woman whose work merits a book. The hardbound book will be published by FotoEvidence. Two other photographers will receive honorable mentions.


The jury reserves the right to not award a grant in any given year if they determine that no candidate has met the criteria. 

The winner of The  W Award will be announced  at the FotoEvidence website.

Submission Requirements

- The W Award is open to all adult women photographers.
- Submit up to 15 images from one project or a lowres PDF of the work already developed as a book concept . If you are selected for the award you will be asked to submit 100-120 photographs on the same topic
- Submissions are free with an option for suggested donation of $20. Contributions collected during the submission process support the production of the winning book.

Jury members do not know who has contributed and who has not.

The W Award is governed by FotoEvidence Association terms and conditions. Please review the terms and conditions before submitting. During the submission process you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

How to Submit

To enter the FotoEvidence Women Award register here.
Once your registration has been confirmed, you will be asked to follow submission procedures:
- Fifteen photographs with titles and captions. Photographs without captions in the file info will be rejected.
- Each image should be 72 dpi and 1024 pixels on the longest side. (The system will reject bigger files). 
- RGB mode
- JPEG format
- Maximum quality
- Filename: Lastname_Firstname_ project title e.g. Smith_Jane_Women at Work
- A lowres PDF of the work if it is already developed as a book concept with your statement of up to 1500 words about the work.Tell us how do you envision the book. (Upload it Under Statement)
- Resume/CV
- Entry fee: Free to submit with a suggested donation of $20. Contributions collected during the submission process support the production of the winning book. You can also choose to support us by purchasing a book from the previous recipients of the W Award: The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken by Rehab Eldalil, La Puente by Charlotte Schmitz and The Eyes of Earth by Solmaz Daryani.

All applications should be based on a long-term projects and should reflect the personal experince of the photographer. All photographic media are accepted.

Photographers may submit more than one portfolio. A separate application is required for each entry.

Please check the box that indicates you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions

For problems with The W Award submission, contact: Andrea at 

Deadline and Timeframe

Submissions for the 2025 W Award must be received between October 1st and November 1st 2024 (23:59:59) CET

The winner of the W Award will be announced on the 20th January 2025 at the FotoEvidence Association website.

Usage Rights

All published images will be credited with the photographer’s name. Copyright and ownership of photographs remain with the photographer/photographers at all times. Entrants agree to grant FotoEvidence permission to use submitted work for promotional purposes in any electronic media, printed materials, or advertising, to be reproduced in third-party newspapers and magazines (printed and electronic) solely for the purpose of promoting the work, the photographer, FotoEvidence Association and The W Award. 

The W Award prize winner(s) agree to the publication of their photographs as FotoEvidence hard bound books under the terms of the FotoEvidence book contract.

FotoEvidence Association team will collaborate with the photographer on editorial decisions in the development and publication of the book. Photographers will receive 25 complimentary copies of the book.

Important Notes

FotoEvidence Association reserves the right to reject entries that are not submitted properly. Submissions should come directly from artists or organizations. No exceptions will be made for late submissions.
The jury reserves the right to not award a grant in any given year if they determine that no candidate has met the criteria.


The Creative process

The goal of FotoEvidence is to offer a worldwide platform for photographers dedicated to the pursuit of human rights. FotoEvidence promotes the work it publishes through partner festivals and photography centers in the USA and Europe, actively working together with our artists to support their careers.
To help the W Award winner tell their stories, FotoEvidence pairs the photographer with a photo editor and a book designer, in an educational and creative process to both realize their vision and produce a powerful book.