Santiago de Chile. Prisoners behind bars in Penitenceria prison, the oldest and an extremely overcrowded jail in South America.

Bogota, Colombia. Former FARC members locked up in a maximum security prison. They are kept under close surveillance.

Santiago de Chile. One of the overcrowded halls of Penitenceria prison. This detention center houses about 6,500 inmates when its capacity is only 2,500.

Santiago de Chile. A guard with his truncheon is beating an inmate who just entered the prison.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Prison guards are controlling the hall of Villa Devoto prison.

Lima, Peru. Female prisoners are dancing in the courtyard during their free hour.


Lima, Peru. Prisoners in solitary confinement. If they committed great wrongs, they could stay there a month.

Caracas, Venezuela. The desperate look of a prisoner from a hole in the wall of the prison.

Caracas, Venezuela. An inmate in the prison's bathroom.

Santiago de Chile. Prisoners in the destroyed bathroom of Penetenceria.

Cordoba, Argentina. A prisoner just released from prison after 20 years shows his scars.

Guaquil, Ecuador. Female inmates just woke up.

Santiago de Chile. Prisoner is smoking in his cell.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A prison guard and an inmate in a female prison.