Eight-year old c is playing with his friends south Kabul. This is before he gets his artificial hands. He was gathering rubbish with his mouth after he lost his hands for few months.

Mina, who is 6 years old, playing with her brother's artificial hand with her friend in Darolaman Palace in Kabul, one of the war's signature buildings. Mina's brother has lost both his hands.

An unidentified boy who lost both his legs to a land mine  speaks with Akram, who has also lost both his hands. Akram spends his time gathering rubbish for sale. His biggest wish is to go to school and be able to write with his hands.

Akram is taking a nap with one of his artificial hands hanging from the wall. He can’t sleep with his both artificial hands so he has to remove one of then during his rest.

Enayat o llah and his wife both lost their two legs and do all their work with their hands. They have four artificial legs in their house.

Farzaneh's youngest daughter is playing with her doll. Farzaneh has lost feeling in her legs due to nerve damage from  an explosion.

Maryam,10 years old, was wound in the leg by a land mine while playing with her friends.  According to the United Nations, more than four million Afghans live in "mine-contaminated" areas.


Mohammad is a 44 years old police officer from Herat. He lost his legs to a landmine 18 years ago.


Noor Mohammad is a 46 year old gardener from Herat. He lost his feet  to a landmine 20 years ago.


Fatemeh, from Herat lost her leg to a landmine three months ago.  She is accompanied by her mother.


Omar Hassan,46 years old,  is a blacksmith,  He lost his feet to a landmine 12 years ago.


Nader Haidari, 37 years old, lost his feet  to a landmine 7 years ago.


  Mohammad Aref, 35 years old from Heart, lost his leg 9 years ago.


Four Afghan landmine victims: from right to left: Azizallah, Hashmat, Jalil and Valiallah.