1. During an exhumation in Xe'Xuxcap, Nebaj.

Exhumation in Santa Avelina, Cotzal.

Feliciana Bernal stands between the trenches dug by forensic anthropologists in Xe'Xuxcap, Nebaj. She is looking for her one year-old son, who died over 30 years ago.

  2. Family members cry for their dear one found by forensic anthropologists in a mass grave in the former military base in Xolosinay, Cotzal.



  1. Francisco Bernal, 60. Murdered by the army, who shot him on September 25th, 1982, in the Canaquil Mountain in Nebaj, where he was trying to hide.


  1. Ex-dictator Efraín Ríos Montt, declares in front of judge Yassmin Barrios during the genocide trial where he is the main defendant.


  1. Ixil women listen to the translation from Spanish to their native language during the genocide trial against Ríos Montt.


  1. Forensic experts study the craneum and other remains found in a clandestine grave. The needles indicate that the cause of death were four bullet wounds. They presume the victim was executed.


Forensic anthropologists place the skeleton of one of the 77 victims of the Covadonga massacre, under the gaze of his family members. Estrella Polar, Chajul.


  1. The entire community of Xecol, Chajul, receives the remains of one of the victims murdered by the Army in 1986.

  1. Family member of a victim has lunch with his dear one before the burial, Nebaj.


  1. Three civilian victims are buried in Xecol, Chajul.