Chuck reads in the light of a sidewalk grate while he waits for his companion



Chuck shares his small but well protected makeshift home, high up in the walls of the tunnel, with his companion Lisa.


Alwasy vigilant because of the threat of a police raid or an unwelcome intruder, Lisa watches from above as someone enters the tunnel.


After moving into assisted housing Brooklyn found it hard to leave her cats behind. She comes to the tunnel daily to clean up and to  reassure her pets.


Jamaica and Zoe take refuge by the tracks.  They slept in the tunnel for two years before getting married and finding a place to live.


Country and Snow White


Geo takes a shower


After being evicted from the tracks in 2004, Willie made his home in cardboard box near Penn Station. He dismanted his home every morning and rebuilt it every evening.


Lisa with some things she collected for the baby she is expecting


Chuck and Lisa lived in their makeshift home above the railroad tracks for nine years