by David Leshem

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Reliquarium by David Leshem provides a report of the prevailing and ever-increasing phenomenon of large raw weapon installations in the Israeli urban habitat; schools, kindergartens, traffic circles et al, as photographedd by David Leshem.

Leshem’s work examines issues of fear, security and national pride by reflecting on large weapon installations in the urban landscape.

Leshem’s photography is aligned with Robert Frank’s saying that “…it is important to see what is invisible to others.” While adhering to a topographic photography practice with its matter-of-factness, almost a dull reflection of the banal. Raising questions like what meaning these installations dictate, does the public endorse or oppose these installations, or are they simply apathetic to these weapons placed in public spaces?

“Reliquarium” brings forth a debate about the military presence in the Israeli public space, a subject which is seldom discussed in civil discourse. In a way a 'banalization of war' is instituted. The weapon became an obvious, expected part of the daily scenery, like houses, roads, and cars.

The book contains 100 pages, 51 photographs, 36 color and 15 black and white photos.

The images were made with a Medium Format analog camera, scanned and converted into digital files.

Hardcover, 100 pages, 16.5 x 22.5 x cm portrait


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