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Living Among What’s Left Behind

by Mario Cruz SOLD OUT

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Photographs Copyright © 2019 Mario Cruz Photo Editor Copyright © 2019 Mario Cruz Graphic Design © 2019 Degrau Production- Nomad- Viagem.Aventura Cover Production- Viva Lab First edition ISBN: 978-989-9960-3-1

The book Living Amongs What's Left Behind results from an intense work by Mario Cruz who documented different tributaries and several communities living next to the polluted Pasig River in Manila, Philippines. The images he captured are a global alert of what can happen when the environment and the basic human needs are ignored. In 2017 , a report from Nature Communications cites the Pasig as one of 20 most polluted rivers in the world, with up to 63,700 tons of plastic deposited into the ocean each year. In some parts of the river the waste is so dense that it is possible to walk on top of the garbage. The cover of the book is the result of 160kg of plastic trash that was processed to save it from being thrown away. The process is irregular and every book cover is unique. Produced by Nomad and internationally distributed by FotoEvidence, the book contains 70 images. The project Living Among What’s Left Behind was awarded in the World Press Photo 2019.


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