by Omar Havana

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Copyright 2016 Omar Havana - FotoEvidence. All rights reserved. Photographs Copyright© 2015 Omar Havana – Omar Havana/ Getty Images Foreword: Copyright© 2016 Bernardo Bertolucci Introduction: Copyright © 2016 Paavan Mathema Poetry: Copyright © 2016 Amir Thapa Diary: Copyright © 2016 Omar Havana Afterword: Copyright© 2016 Gareth Bright Photo Editor: Régina Monfort Text Editor: David Stuart Design: Bonnie Briant Photography Post Production: Eduardo Matas / Addretouch Photo Lab First edition ISBN: 978-0-9963912-3-8

On April 25th, 2015 Nepal was hit by the devastation of Mother Nature: an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that killed almost 9,000 people and injured more than 22,000. In the aftermath of that fateful day in April, almost three million people were made homeless, as hundreds of thousands of homes and other buildings were turned to rubble. In the months following the earthquake, aftershocks continued to hit the country on an almost daily basis; a magnitude 7.2 hit the country in May adding more devastation. The book Endurance by Omar Havana is a humble tribute to and a legacy for those who are working hard to see their nation rise again. It tells the story of Nepali people resilience, the story of a life spirit that spreads, like the smiles on their faces, over the streets filled with debris and the ruins of their homes. Endurance includes over 70 black and white photographs shot across Nepal, immediately after the earthquake and in the months following. It is printed at Ofset Yapimevi in Istanbul in a hardbound edition, measuring 22 x 33 cm., on 170 gsm paper. Film director Bernardo Bertolucci, who used images from Endurance for a fundraising campaign in Rome to help Nepal, wrote the foreword. Other contributors include: South African photographer Gareth Bright, AFP Nepali journalist Paavan Mathema and Amir Thapa, Senior Program Officer for International Medical Corps Nepal.


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