A Chance to Breathe

by Omal Khair, Dil Kayas and Azimul Hasson

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Copyright 2022 FotoEvidence/ Fortify Rights /Doha Debates All rights reserved. Photographs and poetry copyright © 2022 Omal Khair, Dil Kayas, Azimul Hasson and Shahida Win Foreword © Taimoor Sobhan and Matthew Smith Artistic director@ Svetlana Bachevanova Photo Editor: Patrick Brown Text Editor: David Stuart and Jonathan Aung Burmese Translators: Nei Htek Naing and Jonathan Aung Design: Melike Tascioglu Vaughan Image Postproduction: Studio Fahrenheit 10.5x 16 cm 278 pages Languages: Burmese and English First Edition ISBN: 979-8-9865952-0-7

The three photographers featured in this book are ethnic Rohingya from Myanmar. For years, Myanmar authorities targeted the Rohingya for genocide, forcing these authors and hundreds of thousands of others from their homes in Rakhine State. Omal Khair, Dil Kayas and Azimul Hasson have been visually documenting life in the sprawling refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, since 2018. The book you hold in your hands is a selection of their photography and poetry. While the genocide brought the plight of the Rohingya to households globally, this book is a testament to the fact that the Rohingya are more than survivors of atrocities. And the refugee camps in Bangladesh are more than a massive tent-city of victims. In these pages you will see the lived experience of Rohingya people through Rohingya lenses. All three authors of this book are inaugural graduates of a “media fellowship” supported by Fortify Rights and Doha Debates. The authors are still living among more than one million other Rohingya in the refugee camps in Bangladesh, still dreaming of returning home.


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