The aftermath of shelling in a residential area of Donetsk.


A pro-Russian rebel ducking to the ground after an artillery barge hitt very close to his position on the frontline, near Gorlivka, East Ukraine.


Local residents react after shelling of their neighborhood in central Donetsk.


Residents of Petrovsiky district take refuge in the local hospital, after heavy shelling came near their houses which are closer to the frontline.


Food and an RPG being used by Pro Russia rebels at the frontline near Donetsk airport


A UA army soldier takes rest in a house that was destroyed by shelling, at the frontline in the city of Schastye . The meaning of the name is, “happiness.”



The funeral of Yulia Izotova, a 21-year-old nurse who was killed in fighting between pro-Russian protesters and the Ukrainian military, in Kramatorsk, Ukraine.



Neighbors and friends of Pavel Pavelko, 42, mourning during his funeral procession in Alexandrovska village, 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from Slovyansk. He was one of three pro-Russian militiamen killed in a shooting by unknown gunmen at a checkpoint.


An Ukranian Army solider helps local residents of Debaltseve to evacuate from the city. Debaltseve was a scene of heavy fighting between Ukranian Army and pro-Russian rebels, eventually it fell to rebel hands.


A grave of a civilian who died as a result of shelling on his house, in the village of Pisky.