FotoEvidence and Monique Jaques plan to publish Gaza Girls 


FotoEvidence and photojournalist Monique Jaques are collaborating on a crowdfunding campaign to publish Jaques' book "Gaza Girls" a story about coming of age under difficult circumstances in a difficult place.

The "Gaza Girls"  Kickstarter campaign met its goal. "Gaza Girls" will be available in January.


book award

2017 Book Award Withdrawn

In 2017 the FotoEvidence Book Award was granted to photographer Poulomi Basu for her work, “Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile.”  After the award was granted and before the book was published, allegations of ethical misconduct on the part of the photographer came to our attention.  Our investigation of the allegations raised doubts about Basu’s account of an incident in question...
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Interview with Amber BrackenBy Svetlana Bachevanova    

Q. Some compare the Standing Rock protest with the battle at Little Big Horn in 1876, also known as General Custer’s Last Stand. This time the battle was the spirit against the grid. Who do you think won it?
AB. Well, that pipeline is completed and flowing with oil so it looks like industry won this battle. But in the larger fight for treaty rights and human rights the Standing Rock Sioux are still at war. The connections made in those camps are strong and I think we will see more organizing in the near future. Read the interview here...



the gallery


Fernando Moleres is the new addition to the FotoEvidence Gallery on line with his series of photographs "Melting Landscapes".
Signed prints are available for sale. 
Purchase of these works supports photographers working on long term projects that might otherwise never be documented or published.

From the series "Melting Landscapes" by Fernando Moleres.



Signs of Your Identity by Daniella Zalcman recently received the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for International Photography.  In  2016 she was granted for  the same work with the FotoEvidence Book Award and "Signs of Your Identity"  published. The book is available in our bookstore.




Lens Blog: 'Spirit and Strength' in Nepal After an Earthquake and Destruction.
David Gonzales of Lens Blog asks Omar Havana about his experince working in Nepal after one of deadliest earthquake that devasted the country killing some 8000 people. The book "Edurance", published by FotoEvidence "is testament to the spirit of the Nepali people who showed him their determination to rebuild despite obstacles placed before them by nature and officials".