Where Shall I Go by Stefano Schirato


“Where Shall I Go” documents the lives of people living in the "Land of Fire," in Campania in Southern Italy in the provinces of Naples and Casereta, where illegal dumping has been going on for more than 20 years and locals face high rates of cancer.  "I don't think anyone will survive," said a repentant accountant for organized crime who testified about the dumping.


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2017 Book Award Withdrawn

In 2017 the FotoEvidnce Book Award was granted to photographer Poulomi Basu for her work, “Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile.”  After the award was granted and before the book was published, allegations of ethical misconduct on the part of the photographer came to our attention.  Our investigation of the allegations raised doubts about Basu’s account of an incident in question...
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Interview with Fabian MuirBy Svetlana Bachevanova    

Fabian Muir is an award-winning Australian photographer whose  projects and practice are focused on strong visual storytelling about humanist subjects.  He was recognized as a finalist for the 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award for "Searching for North Korea."  Read about his experience photographing in the Democratic Republic of North Korea here


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Signs of Your Identity by Daniella Zalcman uses multiple exposure portraits to portray the enduring trauma of indigenous Canadians subjected to forced assimilation in church-run boarding schools.  This project recently received the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for International Photography.  The book is available in our bookstore.


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FotoEvidence Gallery on line have available for sale signed, archival prints of selected work from some of our books.

From the series "Stamps of Lobeliness" by Nazik Armenakyan.



Alessio Romenzi, 2017 FotoEvidence Book Award finalist, was reocgnized by World Press Photo in the General News category for his work, We Are Not Taking Any Prisoners, about conflict between the Islamic State and government forces in Libya.
World Press Photo:  Alessio Romezi




TIME Lightbox talks to Daniella Zalcman about her new book, "Signs of Your Identity"
Olivier Laurent at Time Lightbox asks Zalcman about her process in uncovering the project, her unconventional choice to use double exposure portraits, and how she conceived the look she wanted in the book.