200 Square Meters of "The Dream"

Fabio Bucciarelli installed large photographs of refugees from his book "The Dream" in the small Italian town of Pineta and provoked a town-wide discussion of the refugee situation in Europe. . . more


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The FotoEvidence Book Award maintains and open entry system all year. The deadline for submissions for the the 2017 award is January 15, 2017. Winners of the  FotoEvidence Book Award will be announced February 20, 2017.

The annual FotoEvidence Book Award recognizes one documentary photographer whose project demonstrates courage and commitment in the pursuit of human rights,  The selected project is published in a book.




Interview with Narciso ContrerasBy Svetlana Bachevanova

Narciso Contreras is a Pulitzer Prize winning documentary photographer born in Mexico City in 1975. Since 2010 he has been covering a variety of issues and topics in Southern Asia and the Middle East, leading him to focus his work on the humanitarian cost of conflicts, economics and wars. His work intends to contribute building our visual memory of the world he testifies.


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Forthcoming from FotoEvidence, Endurance by Omar Havana with a a foreword from Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci.  The book is a tribute to the people of Nepal.  In it Havana captures the incredible destruction wrought by the April 2015 earthquake and remarkable spirit and endurance with which the people of Nepal responded. 


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In the near future, FotoEvidence will have available for sale signed, archival prints of selected work from some of our books.

Horse by Majid Saeedi from "Life In War"



Forthcoming this fall from FotoEvidence: "Talibes Modern Day Slaves" by Mario Cruz and "This is Our Country" by Ingetje Tadros.

Abdoulaye, 15, imprisoned in one room of a daara in the Diamaguene area, city of Thies, Senegal, May 18, 2015. The rooms have windows with security bars to keep the talibes from running away.  Mario Cruz




Time Magazine Lightbox reviews "The Dream"
Olivier Laurent at Time Lightbox talks at length with Fabio Bucciarelli and how he captured the raw emotions that people he photographed experienced: their lives shattered by war, dislocated, driven into uncertainty, seeking refuge. Bucciarelli talks about  his desire to change the visual language of photojournalism and he includes images made with a pin-hole camera in the book. Purchase "The Dream"