Danielle Villasana's work with trans women in Peru, published in "A Light Inside," inspired the medical community in Lima to create a consultation dedicated to the treatment of trans women. Here the space is being dedicated. 
A testament to the power of photography to inspire social change and to Danielle's dedication, and to her subjects Tamara and Piojo's courage in telling their stories.


Standing Strong 

Winner of the 2018 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo

The gathering at Standing Rock was a dance between the modern and the ancestral. It was the epicenter of the awakening of humanity. For over seven months, I lived at the Oceti Sakowin Camp near the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, documenting the opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline. Thousands of tribal nations and allies gathered in peaceful prayer and created a worldwide movement. They called themselves Water Protectors.



Interview with Diego Ibarra SanchezBy Svetlana Bachevanova 

" I started in Pakistan, in 2010, when I saw some schools destroyed a few months after the army operation against Mula FM terror´s regimen in Swat valley.  Kids were attending lessons under the schools’ wall decorated with the scars of war. 

Due to my cultural and personal baggage as the son of a teacher, I started trying to embrace this reality with my own aesthetic sense.  I was asking myself why Pakistan had so many attacks on education in the previously years. Then suddenly the Malala incident gripped the world’s attention. An advocate for education, she was shot in the head.  She survived and became a symbol and international figure. But she was able to leave while millions of students were still struggling to get education in the country.  Read the full interview about Diego's project Hijacked Education.  


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A Light Inside by Danielle Villasana

A Light Inside by photojournalist Danielle Villasana
documents the lives of trans women in Peru. Villasana spent three years in a close knit community of trans women in Lima, following them through their daily lives and the discrimination and harassment they face when looking for housing, employment and health care. Her work counters the sensationalized and stereotypical depictions of trans women rampant in popular media


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Massimo Berruti

Armed lashker members (from “The Dusty Path")
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Svetlana Bachevanova, founder and publisher of FotoEvidence Press, presents 'Standing Strong' on behalf of Josué Rivas, the winner of the 2018 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. 

Danielle Villasana, presents her project, 'A Light Inside'. and issues trust  and access she faced creating her intimate reflection on the life of trans women in Peru. 

Marcus Bleasdale, 2015 FotoEvidence Book Award winner challenges the photojournalism communit to address issues of sexual harrassment.