Life And Death In The Northern Pass

Interview by Dominic Bracco II

Residents of Ciudad Juarez take to the streets to protest the shooting of a student by a Federal Police officer days before.


A young girl says goodbye to her mother, who was a factory worker, that was killed during a massacre.

A masked Mexican Federal Police officer looks over two detained alleged hitmen in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.


Mexican Red cross assist a shooting victim.


A mother consoles her daughter.


Mexican Federal Police patrol the U.S. border.


Family and friends attend the funerals of victims of a massacre that left 13 dead and over a dozen wounded in Ciudad Juarez.


The bloody car of three executed plain clothes police officers.


Blood on the doorstep of a house in Juarez.


A released prisoner is seen walking through the desert outside of the state penitentiary near Ciudad Juarez.


Prisoners line up for lunch at a state penitentiary near Ciudad Juarez.


Family and friends gather around the body of 15-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca, who was killed on June 7th by a Border police.