Where We Live Matters

Interview by Philippe Schneider

Maria is sitting beside a boat. Her house and another twenty were demolished on May 12, 2012.


Peter and his cousin Titus are sharing a bedroom in one of the houses located on the shore of Paga Hill. This house was saved from the demolition thanks to the intervention of Dame Carol Kidu, opposition leader at that time.


This family lost their house on the May 12, 2012. Since then, they have rebuilt a shelter but they are worried that the Government will evict them so they have not yet rebuilt their house.


Brian is sitting beside his brother Gilbert. Gilbert has been sick for the last six months. He visited a few doctors and each of them had different diagnosis. Their family house were also demolished during the tentative of eviction on May 12, 2012.


Allan and Frank are sharing this mosquito net. Their family houses were demolished on the May 12, 2012. Allan is the youth leader.


Melody and his wife Stella are watching a movie on their laptop. Melody is a music teacher at a elementary school in Port Moresby.


Paga Hill is the location of 12 bunkers from the WWII. One of the leader with his daughter and wife are living in one of the bunkers. In the middle of the rainy season when it is too hot to sleep inside the bunker, the family prefers to sleep on the roof.


A group of men are washing at one of the few water points remaining. On the May 12, 2012, when the tentative eviction took place, the bulldozer destroyed both the water line and the electrical supply line.