Transgenders In Armenia

Interview by Nazik Armenakian

Layma, 30, many transgender sex workers live or have lived in Layma's apartment. She has been working as a sex worker since she was 14 years old but she dreams of having another job.


Layma's bride doll.


Transgender sex workers spend a lot of time getting dressed and putting on their make-up.


Maga, 19, is from Echmiadzin(Armavir region). She is working as a hairdresser in her city during the day and as a sex worker at night in Yerevan(capital of Armenia).


Lyalya, 45, bisexual. During private events, he likes to dress up in women's clothing.


Lorena-Madonna, 25, grew up in an orphanage. She has been working in the sex trade for six years.


Lorena has been working as a sex worker for six years. Most of the city's residents know her and she doesn't even try to hide her identity.


Lorena is going to the park. Transgender sex-workers work their trade in the park every night.