The Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Interview by Md Shahnewaz Khan

Rohingya people enter Bangladesh in the dark of evening because of the risk crossing from Myanmar, where the Myanmar military have been shooting unarmed civilians, even as they try to flee. Shah Porir Dhip, Teknaf, Bangladesh.

On September 21, 2017 Myanmar Army burned 3 house of Rohingya, which is about 200 meters from the Tumabru-Jolpaitoli border with Bangladesh. A mother entered safely in Bangladesh but she lost her family members. She carried her newborn baby through the rice paddies. New reports claim the Myanmar military has begun laying landmines along the border and that soldiers have been shooting unarmed civilians even as they try to flee.


A view of the Tengkhali refugee camp in Ukhia, Bangladesh.

Two brothers carried their elderly ill mother to the temporary health center in the Kutupalong refugee camp.


A Rohingya refugee family arriving in Balukhali.


A tired Rohingya father is trying to hold his sick child in Balukhali refugee camp in Teknaf Bangladesh. They are exhausted after days of walking barefoot over mountains and across rivers.

Minara Begum on the left side of the photo entered Bangladesh from Mayanmar after walking for four days and crossing the river. A boatman took 5000 BDT ($63) for the river crossing. Minara Begum's parents died in 2012 at the hands of the Myanmar army and, in September 2017, the Myanmar army killed her husband's parents. Her husband's sister was raped and killed and her husband's brother was shot dead. They haven’t yet received any relief in the Tengkhali refugee camp in Ukhia. They have built a houses with plastic. She has three daughters and her sister0in-law has two. 


This Rohingya boy was beaten by Myanmar soldiers. His leg broken and burned. Sadar Hospital , Cox's Bazar.



Laila (8) reached in Shah Porir Dwip island after her house was burned by the Myanmar Army. After taking Laila & her mother to the boat, her father went back to find her grandfather. Laila runs toward the sea after seeing a boat approaching, hoping her father is coming.