Interview by Dan Giurca

Interior Ministry soldiers attacking anti-communist demonstrators in University Square just seconds after truck 31-B-7354 deliberately ran over a demonstrator. In between 2 rows of uniformed soldiers, there is a civilian security officer, most likely a member of the former Securitate.


Pro-democracy demonstrator being run-down by a truck bearing the license plate number 31-B-7354, in University Square, Bucharest at approximately 18:00 on Sunday, December 23, 1990. The incident was part of an Interior Ministry operation to repress the demonstration, which commemorated the first anniversary of the events that occurred in December 1989. The license plate prefix "31" is a special number, which is reserved for Romanian state/government vehicles only. Witnesses say the driver is a Major in the Securitate.


The unidentified demonstrator who was run over by a military vehicle that intentionally rammed demonstrators in Univeristy Square in Bucharest on December 23rd, 1990.