Maternity In Africa

Interview by Paolo Patruno

A woman suffers receiving an injection for local anesthesia because she needs some sutures after delivering.


A baby just delivered lies next to her mother's feet. Women have to bring plastic and bed sheets as the hospital doesn't provide these.


A nurse using a razor blade to remove sutures from belly of a woman who had a cesarean section.

A woman in postnatal ward, after delivering, lying in bed in serious condition. She is receiving medical treatment, oxygen, and a blood transfusion.


The labor ward is just a room where women deliver one next to the other, without any folding screen or privacy.


Traditional birth attendant (TBA) assisting a young woman delivering in a poor labor ward in TBA’s home.


Pregnant women have to work, taking care of house and family almost till the day of delivery.


A mother can give only some fruit to her 5 kids for lunch. Food is never enough for everybody, and she is pregnant again, waiting for another baby.