Pro Kremlin activist vandalized a photo exhibit at Andrei Sakharov center in Moscow.

by Alexander Vasukovich

While in assignment in the separatist area in Ukraine, Belarussian photographer Alexander Vasukovich took commemorative pictures of members of the Donbas battalion. A year and a half later Alexander returned to Kiev to track what happened with the men from his images. Some of them returned home from the war. Many did not. He marked them with a red cross on his images.

The “Commemorative Photo” project won the First Place in the Conflict category of the DirectLook competition and was part of the exhibit at the Andrei Sakharov center in Moscow.

On September 29, pro-Kremlin activists attacked the exhibit and sprayed with red paint the images of the killed in the conflict Ukrainian soldiers. A jar with red paint was found in the center with a label “This is the blood of the Donbas children killed by the Ukrainian army”.
Photo Alexander Vasukovich                                                                 Photo Alexander Sorin