Photobook Publishers Network

Photobook Publishers Network (PPN) brings together independent publishers of photo books with the goal of supporting documentary photographers and publishers of humanitarian photography.

Photobook Publishers Network works with publishers to address challenges and foster cooperation in the promotion and distribution of independently produced photo books.

BPP BazanPhotos Publishing
BazanPhotos Publishing was created in 2006 by photograher Ernesto Bazan and many of his students and friends. The initial purpose was to self-publish the photographer’s Cuban trilogy. Bazan Cuba, Al Campo and Isla. Since 2015,BPP has began self-publishing the work by some of the very talented photographers who have studied under his guidance. With Animals by Willard Pate was self-published in 2015 and Hometown by Barbara Peacock was just released in 2016.

Red Hook Editions a publishing community formed by photographers who believe in creating high-quality books, empowering artistic and editorial decisions to ourselves. Red Hook Editions is a new model: photographers will take on many responsibilities, from funding to advertising to distribution, but will crucially retain control and ownership.